Homeowners and tenants in New Castle County who are affected by the September’s tropical hurricane Ida must apply for federal loan assistance by Dec. 17.

New Castle County has not received any warning from FEMA or the Small Business Administration, although damage to apartments above Brandwin Park has caused flooding of several rooms in northeastern Wilmington on record-breaking brandy Creek.

The FEMA presidential disaster was declared in the Gloucese counties bordering New Jersey, Chester and Delaware in Pennsylvania, and a statement was issued to the Sessil SBA administration in Maryland.

The county associated with the FEMA statement allows New Castle County small businesses and nonprofits to apply for an estimated $ 2 million in damages.

Under President Biden Delaware, the FEMA Disaster Zone does not mean that homeowners and tenants will not be able to use FEMA benefits that cover the need to code their homes or will not be able to live in apartments during repairs.

Wilmington City Emergency Management Officer Willie Patrick, who contacted the Delaware Emergency Management Agency this week, told Wilmington City Council that there were reasons for the rejection of the Delaware Relief Assistance application.

“The extent of the disaster was small, in a concentrated area, the extent of the damage, the proportion of homeowners: the ratio of rent and the amount of uninsured losses.”

Patrick said he was working with the DMA and the governor’s office to strengthen the New Castle County case for a late statement, and that he should finally submit a FEMA request.

“We will assess the potential damage and hope to include some areas or assets not included in the original statement. [FEMA] Region 3 “

The FEMA statement authorized federal assistance, but when it rejected Delaware’s offer, it was the group’s name, a small business administration that handles home loans.

Accidental loans can cost homeowners up to $ 200,000, and homeowners and tenants can borrow up to $ 40,000 to repair or replace hurricane-damaged property.

In addition, applicants may request a disability increase of up to 20% to cover mitigation strategies.

Mary Cook commented on what others have done with debt reduction with SBA, which could repay the investment six times in the event of a disaster.

“You can close the roof, raise the structure, install a drainage pump, divert it from the floodplain, or put your property on a surface to improve drainage.”

The interest rate for homeowners / tenants is as low as 1.563%, with 2% for private nonprofits and 2.855% for other businesses.

“We are different from regular lenders because the interest rate stays with the loan. The interest rate does not change as long as the SBA has it.

New Castle County residents are in a hurry to apply for emergency loans, as the deadline to apply for disability loans is December 17, 2021.

You can apply online at the SBA website and must apply under SBA Statement 17229/17230, both of which are linked to the Cecil County Disaster Statement.

Biden has been recognized by New Castle County as a non-profit private disaster area from Ida.

Those entities, including kitchens, homeless shelters and community centers, can apply for a loan of up to $ 2 million in damages.

For Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster loan assistance, businesses, nonprofits, homeowners and tenants should click here or contact the SBA Customer Service Center at 1.800.659.2955 or email disastercustomerservice@sba.gov.