According to the state, Delaware provided government assistance and loans to 4,580 businesses at the time of the outbreak.

The aid came from two government programs that closed for a total of $ 203 million.

The Hospitality Emergency Loan Program (HELP) offers up to $ 10,000 a month interest on hospitality-related businesses.

The state is nearing the start of the epidemic to help the 2,700 hospitality industry businesses that are expected to be affected by the epidemic.

The loans are intended to cover immediate costs.

The loan program eventually includes “personal care services” businesses such as hair salons, hair and nail salons and beauty shops.

By the end of the program, which stopped accepting applications in October, 364 businesses generated a total of $ 10.9 million.

This is far less than what is provided by federally funded commercial assistance programs such as the DE Relief Grants, the Federal Restaurant Revitalization Fund, and the Federal Payment Check Protection Program.

The highest earner of the loan was The Greene Turtle franchise, which has seven locations in Delaware. According to the data, three different applicants – Cusan LLC, Turtle Time DE1 LLC and Turtle Time DE2 LLC – received a total of $ 892,450 in loans.

Applicants could not be reached for comment.

The second highest earner was Harry Savoi Grill in Wilmington. According to the report, the restaurant received a loan of about $ 345,200.