Miami, Florida – J. JetReady is the largest commercial jet operator in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The United States received a $ 1,173,382 PPP loan in April 2020 on behalf of Bertstein Jetradidin. Expenses. Jetrady then went bankrupt in New York’s Southern District.

“The Wage Protection Program was signed a year ago to help small businesses and their employees recover from the COVID-19 epidemic,” said U.S. Attorney Juan Antonio Gonzalez to the South Florida District. “Since this and other programs initiated under CARES law, our office has made it a priority to investigate and prosecute programs designed to help those in need and those in need from the global health crisis.

“The Wage Protection Program loan was intended to provide significant relief to small businesses and open their doors,” said Brian M. Boonton, acting attorney general for the Department of Justice. We will hold accountable those who misuse these taxpayer-supported loans and prevent other eligible businesses from receiving such support.

“The Wage Protection Program is intended to provide a way for the country’s small businesses and workers,” said General Hannibal, the Inspector General of Police (OIG). “OIG is investigating in-depth cases of SBA outbreaks. I would like to thank the Department of Justice for its commitment to this solution.

“The result is a concerted effort by federal agencies, such as the Small Business Administration Department of Justice and other federal law enforcement agencies, to identify violations of the payroll program and to increase the number of individuals and companies involved in such abuses. And maintain the integrity of the PPP program, ”said SBA general adviser Peggy Delinois Hamilton.

As part of CARES legislation, Congress has been working to provide emergency financial assistance to millions of Americans affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. CARES law allows billions in loans for workers and other small businesses struggling to pay. Qualified businesses under PPP can get SBA-certified loans. Businesses may be required to repay loans for workers’ compensation, rent or mortgage and other expenses and may be eligible for a loan waiver up to the full amount of the loan.

Today’s civil agreement involves the settlement of claims under the qui tam or whistleblower provisions by former Jethrid employee Victoria Habtelzel. Under those provisions, an individual may take action on behalf of the United States and receive compensation from any rehabilitation unit. Ms. Hablitzel will receive $ 57,411. The issue is the caption Former United States Real Estate. Hablitzel v. All by Jets, LLC, and Mrs. A. Bernstein, No. 20-cv-61410 (SD Fla.).

The decision is the result of a concerted effort by the SBA’s Office of Counseling and the OIG between the Florida Department of Commerce and the Division of Civil Division, the Fraud Division of the U.S. District of Florida.

The case is being re-assigned to James A. Winkle, assistant attorney for the state of Florida in the United States, and Jonathan Gold, a civil prosecutor.

On May 17, the Attorney General set up a Covide-19 fraud task force in collaboration with government agencies to increase efforts to combat and prevent cholera-related fraud. The task force will intensify its efforts to assist in the management of aid programs to prevent the most guilty domestic and international criminals and fraud. Sharing and using information and insights from past implementation efforts. For more information on the response to the epidemic, please visit

Anyone with information about a COVID-19 fraud attempt should call the National Disaster Fraud Center (NCF) at 866-720-5721 or the NCF. / Risk-Fraud / ncdf-Risk-Complaint-Form.

Claims resolved under the agreement are only prosecutions, and there is no liability decision.