In all headlines about student debt cancellation, let’s separate the facts from fiction.

Here’s what you need to know – and what it means for you.

Student loans

Before you get your promise of student loan cancellation, it is important to know the following about the latest student loan waiver:

1. There will be no cancellation of student loans

President Joe Biden wants to cancel student loans immediately. Similarly, Democrats in Congress now want to cancel student loans. However That deal ends. While Biden wants $ 10,000 student debt forgiveness, some Democrats, Senator Elizabeth Warren (DMA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN), want 50,000 student loans canceled. The differences do not end there. Benden wants Congress to pass a student debt cancellation law, while Democrats want an executive order to cancel 50,000 student loans. Warren and Schumer, who use the 1965 Higher Education Act’s legal interpretation of the text, said Congress had the authority to cancel student loans by executive order. Binden said it was unlikely to do so and did not think the president had the power to cancel billions of student loans. Instead, former U.S. Senator Biden from Delaware agrees that Congress is the right branch of government to determine federal spending. The good news for Borrowers is that Biden is considering canceling student loans by executive order. However, there is no guarantee that Congress will have enough votes to cancel student loans or cancel student loans.

2. You will not receive a student loan cancellation for all of your student loans

This may not be a surprise to many student creditors, but There is no discussion of canceling all student loan debt. (Student loan cancellation, what if the new stimulus package says if things are stagnant). It is important to clarify this point so that borrowers can set the standard. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) proposes $ 1.7 trillion student debt. However, Congress is not considering his position and it is unlikely that Schumer, Warren or Beden will support that position. Both Warren-Schumer and Biden’s ideas also focus on federal student loans. That said, Congress could accept another student loan waiver proposal from Sander.

3. Not all student loans will be forgiven

Another surprise for student loans is that not all student loans are forgiven. It is not easy to say, “Student loan forgiveness” or “No student loan waiver.” Even if Congress passes the student loan repeal and signs the bill, there will be restrictions. For example, only federal student loans are eligible. Second, there may be income restrictions on who qualifies. Currently, only borrowers earning $ 125,000 a year or less are eligible, Warren and Schumer said. If Congress lowers the income limit for stimulus tests in the new stimulus package, this could be bad news for student loans. Forgiveness for student loans can also lower Congress income. For example, Congress could limit eligibility to $ 50,000 for individuals and $ 100,000 for marriage or co-filmmakers, the same amount of income offered for the new incentive package.

4. Cancellation of student loans can only be for college debt

If you only have postgraduate student loans, You may not be forgiven for any student loans. Although not guaranteed, Congress can only cancel student loans for college debt. Many Biden student loan cancellation ideas apply only to college student loans. why? About 50% of student loan debt is owed to postgraduate student borrowers, many of whom earn high income as doctors, lawyers and dentists. Therefore, if Congress pardons student loans, Congress can focus on college debt only to eliminate high-income borrowers with professional degrees.

5. Congress may change revenue-driven payment plans

If you have a federal student loan and are struggling to repay student loans, it is important to remember that income-driven payment plans offer a student loan waiver. These plans include IBR, PAYE, REPAYE and ICR. Student loan forgiveness is not a priority, you can get a student loan waiver after 20 years (college student loans) or 25 years after monthly payments (graduate student loans). With income-based payment plans, your monthly payment may be as low as $ 0 and depends on reasonable income, family size and living conditions. Biden plans to improve borrowing plans for borrowers. In addition to student loan cancellation (or replacement), Congress may choose to change existing income-based payment plans. Possible changes include, for example, the payment of 5% of the gross income or the waiver of student loans.

Will your student loans be canceled?

Will your student loans be canceled? But the reality is not clear. This is not to intimidate; Student loan borrowers have enough pressure to repay student loans. Instead, the goal is to give them more transparency based on the current situation so that they know what to expect if they do not get a student loan cancellation. Congress may repeal student loans, but now Congress is more focused on imposing a debt on student loans rather than passing its own legislation. Biden proposed three ways to cancel student loans, so Congress could also pardon another student loan. In the meantime, it is not clear when the student loan will be canceled. So, in the medium term, make sure you have a student loan game plan. Start with these three options, not all fees

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