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Senate Republicans have repeatedly blocked the confirmation of Vice President Joe Biden Tememi as Deputy Governor of Small Business Administration, citing SBC’s COVID-19 funding protests for planned parent branches in the United States, the Associated Press reported.

If Dilawar Saeed is finally confirmed for the SBA, he will be the highest-ranking Muslim official in the US government. Although Biden continued to support Seid, the lack of Republican confirmation committee votes put his candidacy in jeopardy, the AP reported.

Some Democrats accuse those seeking to block Saeed’s anti-Muslim bias, but some Muslim and Jewish organizations have rejected obstacles. The president of the Religious Alliance, Rabbi Jack Molin, described the slowdown in the Republic as “the result of a number of factors that have nothing to do with suitability.”

“Mr. Syed is not responsible for those funds, so his candidate is trapped in a policy debate that has no influence or decision-making power,” Molin said.

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Senate Republicans have repeatedly blocked the confirmation of President Joe Biden as Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Small Business Administration, citing opposition to SBS’s COVID-19 subsidy to SBS-funded parenting branches in the United States, March 14, 2017 outside the Technology Hall in Palo Alto, California.
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Democrats and the White House have said that GOP senators have given changes to the ban and that SBN’s staff delays could reduce aid to small businesses trying to rebuild.

The White House nominated Seid, but the Senate Small Business Committee failed to field him because Republicans repeatedly failed to vote. The ban follows a number of Republican objections: Saeed’s affiliation with a Muslim advocacy group, small business loans, and ultimately the agency’s planned parenting branches.

It is unclear how the dispute will be resolved.

Republicans of the committee did not allow the proposed paternity fund to be “erroneously approved” and to vote on the nominee, and SBS has been accused of misrepresenting the PPP.

Democrats said the loans were legal and would fall under the agency’s law, and several conservative organizations reported receiving funding.

The chairman of the committee, Senator Ben Cardin (DM), tried to pass the committee in late September and vote on the floor of the Senate. But Republicans will not vote until Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul opposes the committee until the loan is repaid.

“The agency cannot select and select those it likes and dislikes,” Cardin said. This is not how you run a program.

“The biased and unnecessary action still shows no interest in the millions of small businesses running SBA-backed to survive COVID-19 and build their future,” our Republican colleagues said.

Other Democrats have directly accused Republicans of blocking Saeed because he is a Muslim.

In a letter to Cardinal and Paul, members of Congress-Asia-Pacific Caucasus wrote that the content was based in part on “anti-Muslim sentiment” and that “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders believe in a perpetual foreign ideology.”

Hawaii Senator Mazi Hirono, a member of that group, told Paul on the Senate floor after his opposition:

In a June letter released by the Senate GOP, Syed accused him of “anti-Israel stance and speech” and linked him to Emgar Action, a Muslim-American advocacy group. A letter from Idaho Senator Jim Risch stated that the signatories did not want to jeopardize small businesses associated with Israeli companies or small American-owned businesses.

Some Jewish groups have argued that this argument is unfair.

Destroying Arc: Jewish action, the progressive Jewish organization, a coalition of civil rights and faith-based groups calling for a speedy vote on Sid. Stash Kotler, the party’s chief executive, said:

Opposition groups called for an immediate end to hostilities in the Horn of Africa. Historically, Muslim Americans in political positions have always received this kind of backlash and investigation. There are two levels.

Syed told the committee that he was a member of the Emgag Action Board but would resign if confirmed.

The Palestinian-led movement, which supports boycotts, trafficking and sanctions against Israeli institutions and businesses, also responded to questions from the committee:

None of the senators who spoke on the June letter commented on it.

The letter and the proposed parenting statement came after Paul said his company had raised initial concerns about Sid due to small business loans at the time of the outbreak. At a confirmation hearing in April, Paul said that he had used his dollars to pay off his debts earlier in the year.

The White House will not back down.

He said he was qualified to serve as the Deputy Administrator of Dibwa Seid, which was crucial for the relief of small businesses during the outbreak. And his confirmation is still unprecedented and unfounded by GOP members.

“Republican senators are not only slowing down, but they are slowing down aid to American small business owners and workers trying to recover from the epidemic,” Megar said.

Cardin will continue to be tried by the committee and will look at “every imaginable way” to confirm Syed.

“I think he is a special person who serves our country in a special way, and I know that our small business community needs a certified deputy manager,” Cardin said.

Biden SBA designation blocked
President Joe Biden continues to run for office in a small business, but Republican confirmation of the committee’s vote endangers his candidacy. Above, Biden talks about supply chain bottlenecks in the White House, Washington, D.C., October 13, 2021.
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