The agreement will again provide funding and capital for the largest hour-long forum in the United States. Developmental level debt consolidation to solve emerging workforce challenges

Woodside, California, January 5, 2022 (PRNewswire) – Runway Growth Capital LLC (“Runway”), the provider of both growth loans, has announced the closure of its long-term loan commitment. $ 65 million For, Inc. (“Snagajob”), the country’s largest watch and shift market. In collaboration with the 24 best 25-hour employers and thousands of small businesses, Sagajob connects 6 million job seekers with affordable jobs each month. Singapore’s mission is to help clock workers meet life goals, to monitor variability and how, when and where they work.

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The Singapore deal provides another investment for the expanding Runway Venture portfolio portfolio, which seeks to capitalize on the growing market capitalization of large and established businesses and seek debt financing to avoid further cycles of equity.

“Snagajob is in a good position to address the challenges of work and the ever-changing workforce that the labor market has never seen,” he said. Mark Donnelly, Managing Director, Head of Runway. “We have been in contact with the Snagajob team for many years to fully understand the market place and their business to set up a loan that suits their needs. As a development company, it was the right time. $ 65 million Snagajob is committed to investing and taking advantage of unique market opportunities.

“Runway has shaped our loan mentally, taking the time to understand our work and take the market share.” Matthew StevensonSnagajob CEO. “The Roadmap is a dedicated, long-term partner that has helped us rejuvenate existing facilities and gain additional capital to meet once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.”

The loan will enable Snagajob to continue investing in technology for the next generation and to grow in the growing wage market.

“We understand the labor market and we want to invest in technology that will help the community get back to work, especially for part-time workers,” said Donnelly. “It will be challenging to find the best hourly wage in the future, which will make it necessary to improve the systems that need to be filled quickly and reliably by the roles of candidates and companies.”

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About Snagajob
Sagajob is the country’s largest and most trusted market for hours of work and shifts. Collaborating with the top 25 employers in the country each month, we connect more than 6 million job seekers with well-rounded and lucrative employment opportunities. This includes merging with thousands of different employers, from small businesses and mid-market companies to large enterprises. Snagajob’s mission is to give full-time employees the opportunity to work as much as they want, helping them to achieve life goals full-time or part-time jobs (all under full supervision and on-the-go). And since competition is in our DNA, employers consider their work to be viewed at the right time by the right candidates. In job seekers and the open sea, we know there is magic in the game. Visit Home for more information Or connect on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



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