Provider – For the second time in a week, Defendant was sentenced to a maximum term of imprisonment in Reviv Providence, ARI in Federal Prison for defrauding or defrauding a payroll program run by a small business manager. SBA) U.S. Attorney Richard B. Mirus announces the CARES Act.

Today, Michael C. Mለርller, 42, was sentenced to 108 months in prison and 82 months in federal prison for robbery for four armed bank robberies while previously in custody for tax fraud. More than $ 4.7 million in federal prison money laundering and breach of federally controlled release terms.

Today’s statement follows the release of David Adler Staveley, 54, and David Sanbor, 54, in Andover, MA, on October 7, 2021. Fraud or fraudulent payroll protection program. Steveley was sentenced to 56 months in federal prison for fraudulently applying for more than $ 543,700 in unlicensed business.

In the most recent case, Michael C. Mለርller, 42, filed a fraudulent loan application with the FBI and Internal Revenue Service at the end of his time in federal custody. A total of $ 4,725,742 in his own name, as well as his father’s name, and his girlfriend’s son and brother’s name. Moller received $ 599,251 from these fraudulent loans, which were intended to help small businesses struggling to survive.

According to court records, Moller was convicted nine times for embezzling money from government courts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts before robbing four banks and defrauding the payroll program. In addition, he has twice been convicted of tax fraud in federal courts.

According to court documents, Mለርller defrauded two inmates while he was awaiting sentencing while he was awaiting sentencing for defrauding the payroll program. Legal services to assist you in criminal and refugee matters. In a series of calls from White House and the FBI, Mለርller, in the guise of Sam’s lawyer, ordered inmates to donate thousands of dollars in cash to his girlfriend. One inmate’s wife gave Meller $ 5,000 in cash. Another inmate’s friend is believed to have given an estimated $ 12,000 in cash. One of the victims, Mለርller, claimed that Mለርller’s lawyer had hired him on bail and that he had confiscated his property. Guaranteed never posted.

According to recorded conversations between Mለርller and his girlfriend and the FBI, the money was spent on the Mለርller’s account at the Marijuana, Gambling and Will Center.

Moller, who appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Mary S. McElroy today, was sentenced to a total of 82 months and one day in federal prison for three years. Mለርller was ordered to pay a total of $ 599,251 in damages to banks.

The charges were filed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Lee H. Vilker.

Acting U.S. Attorney Mirus Mለርller thanked the SBA’s Office of the Inspector General of Police and the FDIC Office of the Inspector General for their investigation into the fraudulent payroll program.