A federal COVID loan for the Art Gallery after my father came to power.

The George Berges Gallery was initially funded by a small business administration of $ 150,000, according to public records.

But the loan has recently been “improved,” SAB said. Records show an additional $ 350,000 for the Soho Gallery this summer.

The approval was made on July 26, with public records showing only 15 pictures of the boy affected by the scandal.

In addition to Covi Disaster Debt, the Soho Gallery received nearly $ 80,000 in two payments under the SBA Payment Protection Program in April 2020 and February 2021, intended to help businesses with payroll checks during the outbreak.

They all gathered, according to SBA records, with the help of a taxpayer-funded CVD.

Bureaus refused to respond to repeated inquiries as to whether the bidder had acted on the loan. If any government money goes directly to the hunter as a salary or salary, or if one of them sells his artwork.

In addition to being the son of the president, Savior Biden also creates wisdom.

In April 2020, when Donald Trump was president, the PPP I received my loan, and with countless other galleries considering the global epidemic, we have access to it. “Most galleries have received this loan,” Bergs told the Post by email. We were not special.

While there is no evidence that President Biden helped secure the additional $ 350,000 loan, a watchdog group “received” from George Berges Gallery more than 100 galleries in New York City’s 10th congressional district, Soho, Tribeka and Chelsea. The big SBA risk wind.

“We’ve reached a new low in American politics, where the President’s son’s middle-class art is subsidized,” said Tom Anderson, director of the National Legal Government Project. And Policy Center.

A Virginia-based company has filed a complaint with the SBA this week asking for taxpayer-sponsored loans to the gallery, citing differences in the loan amount compared to other local galleries.

“You can’t compensate for this,” Anderson said, adding that money from federal loans could have been used to promote Biden’s work – possibly a violation of the Code. “This is a special case in which the president’s son directly benefits from a federal loan,” he said.

The Wisdom of the Savior
The George Bergs Gallery first received $ 150,000 from Covid’s “disaster relief loan” from a small business management last year.
George Berges Gallery

Another government ethicist asked for a gallery loan.

“If [Georges Berges] He received a special treatment from President George W. Bush, a law professor at the University of Minnesota and a former White House adviser to President George W. Bush, from 2005 to 2007. “This could be a problem.”

Bergs, 45, told the Post that two-and-a-half years ago, he found Biden through Los Angeles collectors, and that he had mostly taught himself and once helped the pharmaceutical entrepreneur turn his sketch into a full-time hobby. Work.

Last week, Bergs held a private show for 200 celebrities and collectors at a dairy studio in Los Angeles. Visitors, including the mayor of Los Angeles and India’s ambassador to Biden, Eric Garcetti and former boxer Ray Leonard, were seen dropping bids and prints worth between $ 75,000 and $ 500,000.

Federal COVID loan to the Art Gallery after his father came to power
A federal COVID loan to the Art Gallery after his father came to power.

A work exhibition scheduled to open this month at the Soho Gallery has been postponed to spring, a source told the Post on Thursday.

Even before the LA show, Biden sold five publications worth $ 75,000 each, The Post reported this week. In an interview with the Post on Saturday, a Bergs reporter denied that any Binden publications had been sold and did not say when Biden’s exhibition would open in the gallery, citing security concerns.

In an effort to prevent White House influence fraud, Biden artists will remain anonymous and the owner of the gallery, Berges, will not reveal his identity to the president. However, critics have suggested that the artist’s participation in public events could make the event difficult to implement. I said, “It doesn’t work from the beginning to hide its name.” “The Word Is Alive”

Republican Rep. Claudia Teneni, a member of the House Small Business Committee, noted:

Hunting Biden art is finally on sale at the NCC Gallery, the most expensive pieces are expected to cost more than $ 500,000, and buyers have promised anonymity.
Hunting Biden art is finally on sale at the NCC Gallery, the most expensive pieces are expected to cost more than $ 500,000, and buyers have promised anonymity.
George Berges Gallery

“The revelation that Savior Biden’s art broker has been given a huge SBA loan will only erode public confidence in the president, only when you think he can’t be lowered,” he told the Post.

A spokesman for the SBA did not discuss individual loans, but said small businesses in Binden’s management could apply or “correct” their large loans. “Businesses can apply for a further increase even if they have applied and received loans in the past,” said Matthew Coleman, spokesman for the SBA in New York.

Long-term SBA loans with an interest rate of 3.75 percent can be secured by private property, but the Public Land Records Gallery shows that it has used any property as collateral.

SBA approved more than $ 270 billion in Kovi Disaster Relief Loans in the 2021 fiscal year.

In addition to the West Broadway Gallery in Berlin, it features 18 other artists.

Beden, 51, started painting a few years ago, partly to deal with alcohol and drug addiction, in his fight for beauty, a memo issued in April.

Biden’s trade relations with China and Ukraine have been a hotbed of bomb scandals, including corruption.

Further report by John Levine