According to E.Sick sick leave, paid family leave, temporary disability and workers’ compensation. In addition, a business certificate, such as a small business, women, minority, or veteran, identifies the licensing and certification requirements required to operate as an individual.ns.

Willoughby NGACC offers five of the most important resources for small business owners: real-time business support, access to financial options, government procurement assistance, export assistance and informational websites.

AAs an example of NJBAC Webburners, the Center is collaborating with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Sanctuary Council to raise awareness of the use of plastic cars in 2022 in “Bag Up NJ”.The governor’s bag and the polystyrene Foam Ban law were signed by the governor. Other topics include Franchising, what you need to know. The importance of social media for small businesses; E-commerce; And cyber security.

Engabak A made it easy to deliverProvides businesses in real-time with a live chat feature available through nj njvv. There is also a professional trade help line at 1-800-JERSEY-7, with Spanish-speaking business advocates available Monday-Friday 8 am -5pm.Label

U.S. Small Business Administration


At SBA, New Jersey District Director Al Titus “The agency is providing a high level of support and programs that provide products and services that meet the needs of existing businesses,” he said.They grow. ”

Titus He recognizes that small businesses are the lifeblood of the state economy. To this end, the SB office is engaged in assisting companies with a wide range of products and services.

For example, the COVID economic damage diskThe Aster Loan (EEDL) program has provided more than $ 129,000 in small business and nonprofits to meet the financial obligations and operating costs that Covy would have had if it had not happened. “These are long-term, low-keyVery simple loans (up to 30 years at low interest rates, 2.75% for-profit and 3.75% for small businesses) have helped close the gap for many of our entrepreneurs. ” Titus Says.

Also, 229 closed space operators have received donationsr $ 142.4 million for critical areas such as live venues, movie theaters, museums, and performing arts. In addition, 3,086 restaurants have paid Restaurant Revival Fund (RRF) fees. $ 923 million as well.


Working in partnership with the SBA, New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (NSBCDC) has advised on small business issues that have helped thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs survive.Dimetic results.

According to Deborah K. Smart, NJSBDC General Manager and Associate State Director, said,To help ants protect and stabilize their businesses from copycat products. ”

As a result of the center’s support, many NJSBDC business customers have reopened, devised new strategies and returned money, he said. Business professionals.

NJSBCD also provided special training webinars with the participation of thousands of business owners. “They have used learning skills to jump, recover and win strength and future growthChallenges to COVID-19 ” Smart Says.

Webinars topics include: Safety and Health-Based Reopening Practices, Supply Chain Management, Successful Strategies, Working Remote, Improving Business Continuity Plans, Eliminating Cyber ​​Security Stressts, and intellectual property protection, etc .;

Ruggers University Key Partnership Partnership (host of the NJSBDC State Program) and extended support to small businesses. For small targeted studies bThe use of territories – including NJSBDC clients – has been conducted and small business support counseling / training sites are continuously adjusted based on needs assessment and business needs.

From the restaurant owners and retail stores on MayAlong the way for science-technology companies looking to bring their innovations to market, NSBCBC has provided the necessary personalized advice and training on the road to settlement. Smart Says.