Nashville, Tenn., September 24, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Road loan announced today that it is safe $ 1 million Flex Fund for small and female-owned businesses across key markets Tennessee, Including Chattanooga, Knoxville And Nashville. Petway Loans will work with existing and new customers to identify and invite entrepreneurs to participate in the Flex Fund next year.

Tennessee Small businesses that meet Flex Fund requirements may be eligible for cash $ 25,000 to the $ 250,000 With a two to five year contract. Petway Flex Fund is an alternative to debt and equity. A portion of the money is considered a debt that the business must pay interest on, and the rest can be expected to return until the business expires at the end of the period as income, equity or other interest. The move frees capital from regular debt, so businesses can invest more in growth by adding more workers, creating new business opportunities or other growth initiatives.

Wales Fargo He donated the gift to Patway Lending as part of an open business fund $ 420 million A small business recovery effort aimed at supporting entrepreneurs across the United States to recover and rebuild after the outbreak.

“We know small businesses are the heartbeat of our community,” said Paula Beck, senior vice president of Wales Fargo and senior consultant on community relations. We are working with Patway Credit and other large companies to support a more comprehensive economic recovery across the country to make small businesses stronger and more resilient to this epidemic.

The capital needs of small businesses with a growth mindset may vary depending on the entrepreneurs themselves Hank Helton, Road Credit EVP and Chief Stakeholder Authority. Small businesses often trade in growth to pay off debt or develop capital ownership, which can reduce the ability to build wealth where business is needed. That’s why we created a flexible fund.

Philip Ashley Chocolate represents one such business Memphis That has turned to growth capital for credit. A.D. Founded in 2012, Chocolate has quickly become a household name with some of the world’s best taste buds. November 2020.

With the financial support of the Pathway Flex Fund, the business has purchased an automatic temperature control machine, upgraded packaging, and hired 15 new companies to expand its operations globally. $ 15 Low to medium income per hour Memphis District. The business is booming and now plans to add more workers and buy the first building.

“Since 2012, we have been crossing the traditional chocolate industry boundaries, and the global demand we have placed us in a position where we need to grow rapidly to meet demand,” he said. Philip Ashley Ricks, Owner and ff. Partnerships with Patway Loans provide the fuel needed to sustain our business and buy a permanent home for our business.

To date, road loans have invested on average $ 70,000 Eight, black-owned Memphis Local small businesses. Along with financial support, all Flex Fund recipients receive counseling services from Patway Finance and Marketing Professionals and access to learning programs focused on skills-related topics created by Patway Lender and as part of the grant from Wells Fargo. .

Created to accelerate income and job growth Memphis For minority-owned businesses, Patway Credit was initially funded by the XX Flex Fund, a charity funded by Craig and FEDE, and the Epicenter The 800 Initiative and University of the Christian Brothers. Flexible Fund Support Memphis With a special focus on black-owned businesses involved in 800 Inive TV, and with colorful entrepreneurs and paid employees or organizations that offer promising growth opportunities.

You can contact small business owners who want to know more about the Pathway Flex Fund Kit Hicky as if [email protected].

Since 2015, Wales Fargo has offered almost all of its road loans $ 1.77 million Donated by the Wells Fargo Foundation and the Open Business Fund.


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