Rachel Winder is the founding director of the Ohio Women's Coalition, which helped fund a $ 10 million government-sponsored loan program for women-owned businesses.

Women and minority entrepreneurs can use the recently announced loan and support programs in Ohio State and Franklin County.

The Franklin County Community Equity Fund is supporting black and brown-owned small businesses in the Corona virus epidemic, with up to $ 10,000 for stabilization support and up to $ 5,000 each for start-ups.

Applicants who meet program requirements are eligible for an additional $ 1,000 per W-2 employee (up to $ 5,000 each).

Applications for support are open until November 8 and can be found on the Columbus City League website cul.org.

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The money was created through a partnership between the Franklin County Business Development and Fair Alliance, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, One Columbus and the Columbus City League. Board of Commissioners In 2021, $ 1,000,050 was disbursed by the Federal Rescue Fund.