Monongahela – Mongohela Former Community Bank Branch has new benefits.

A partnership between Community Bank and the Mon Valley Alliance was announced last week to create a Mon Valley Valley Resource Center. The center is seen as a hub for business development, training, support and growth for new and growing businesses in the Mon Valley.

The Mon Valley Business Center is located at Mongahela 235 W. Main St. It is the former branch of the Community Bank. It serves as a non-profit, educational and government service provider, as well as headquarters for the Mon Valley Alliance (MVA) and the Mon Valley Alliance Foundation.

According to Ben Brown, chief executive of the Mon Valley Alliance, MVA is set to begin operations on Friday. Over the next two months, renovations will include conference and training rooms, a hotel-type lobby for business meetings, a video and audio production media room, electronics and business support services.

Brown called Thursday’s announcement a “historic day in the valley.”

“Fifty-six years ago, a steel plant in Donorra was closed, 2,000 people were unemployed, and the former Mon Valley Alliance was established,” Brown said. “For the next two decades, we have been working on programs to improve the brown field, industrial park development, infrastructure development and big business.”

In recent years, Brown has tried to do more for MVA himself.

“In particular, we want to be involved in community development, nonprofit support, small business loans and physical projects in our historic cities,” he said.

Brown said he has invested more than $ 650,000 in a new riverbank park in Charleroi and is recovering.

He went on to say that MVA has provided more than $ 200,000 in low-interest loans to non-banking and start-up businesses by supporting more than 20 non-profit and community groups with a grant fund.

“Those growing entrepreneurs here in our valley are investing in space, creating new businesses and hiring staff and keeping our talent at home,” Brown said.

MVA also assisted more than 50 local businesses with loans and donations during the epidemic, and in partnership with Washington County and various government agencies, provided more than $ 2.3 million in hospitality and restaurant industry.

“Part of all that work, we understand that this is a very important part of the Valley,” Brown said.

Community Bank donated $ 230,000 to the Mon Valley Alliance Foundation, selling the estimated building for $ 280,000 for $ 50,000.

“Just as we need to innovate in the real world, other businesses need to innovate, collaborate, grow, work locally, come up with new ideas to improve the quality of life for everyone. To be successful in life, ”said John Montgomery, president and CEO of Community Bank.

Several community leaders were present for Thursday’s announcement.

State Sen. Camera said Ron Carroll, which Mononahela has been its hometown for many years.

About the Mon Valley Alliance The Mon Valley Alliance: “I’m so glad I didn’t see anything in this space, but you guys are in this space. “It is great to meet you in my hometown, and I am happy to see what you can do and to spread your wings in Mongahela. I could not be proud of being here.

State Representative Bud Cook, R-Daisytown, reiterated the need to create enough jobs so that people do not leave the area for work.

“It’s too late for young people to leave the valley to find work,” says Cook. “We want them to come home. We want them to stay home. Gone are the days when we stopped talking about what we didn’t have and started promoting it.

Mongahela Mayor Greg Gary said the resource center could only benefit the city and the valley.

“I think he really helps the city and its surroundings,” says Gary. “(It can help grow businesses and things like that in the future.”

The building’s future plans require a renovated exterior and network space to further enhance the use of the property and the appearance of the road.