Downtown Tecumseh has a thriving small business culture.  The city is proud of its commitment to economic development.  Outside of Texas, many other Lenawei County communities and downtown are seeing success.  The county has been named the largest county for small businesses in the state of Michigan by the SmartAsset website.

Lenawee County has been named the largest county in the state of Michigan by the SmartAsset website for small businesses. The rating is not surprising to the locals but they are very appreciative.

SmartAsset has created an interactive map showing the best districts for small business owners in the United States and each state.

To determine suitable locations for small business owners, the study identified three factors: the number of people in the county who have a small business income, the reported business income, and the potential taxable resident.

To find out how attractive a region is to small business owners, SmartAsset compares the number of small business tax returns with the total taxpayer population. He then compared gross domestic product income to gross domestic product (GDP).