According to Fox Business, a retailer expects major product shortages soon. This is part of a continuing supply chain disruption since the outbreak of the CVD-19 outbreak. And this has led to more supply chain problems in various industries. From chicken to toilet paper is now moving to paint. Sherwin Williams says suppliers responsible for the supply of paints are lagging behind. In this case, it is not only COVID-19 but also Ida Storm.

The supply chain challenges are particularly severe for small business owners. Rising prices for poultry, pork, beef, and other items mean a loss of profitability and even a loss of business for restaurants, contractors and others. The good news is that the bottlenecks in the supply chain will be fully opened. And once that happens, the market needs to correct itself by avoiding high prices.

Small Business News – October 1, 2021

Salesforce has launched a $ 1 million gift program for small businesses in San Francisco

Cloud-based software and customer relationship management service providers Salesforce has launched a $ 1 million grant program for small businesses in San Francisco.

Latino business owners can now mark their Google profiles on a new partnership

Google launches new Latino ownership feature in search, maps and marketing with the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This helps to identify them for clients who want to run Latin-owned businesses.

These companies provide the fastest internet in the United States

With more and more people working from home, fast internet has become an integral part of business productivity and success. So fast internet access is in the interest of every small business and entrepreneur. So, which providers offer the fastest internet speeds? To find out, the team is on HighSpeedInternet.

The U.S. Navy has donated $ 151 million to small business IT companies

The U.S. Navy has provided a total of $ 151 million for five small businesses. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, these five companies support the entire life cycle of IT technology for the management of Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) core resource management, construction management and installation management systems.

These cities have the smallest number of entrepreneurs in the United States

A study by lenders found out where the average age of the youngest entrepreneurs in the United States can be found. Data analysts at LendingTree surveyed the anonymous data of more than 100,000 borrowers looking to start a business and determine the average age of entrepreneurs in each metro area.

Common Mistakes on How to Avoid PPP Debt Forgiveness

You will need to return a portion of your PPP money, even if your business is fully exempt. This could happen if you make a mistake in your PPP apology. Once there is a PPPP apology, there is a time to correct the IS and terminate the Ts.

Shop 1-in-5 re-launches small business directory for feature value-based businesses

Buy 1-in-5 Activities to Support Small Businesses to Potential and Necessary Growth, has re-launched its online small business directory with value-based customization. Restart just 100 days before Christmas.

Etsy offers vendors suitable packaging for the planets

AT, a global online marketplace for the manufacture, sale and purchase of specialty products, has announced the launch of a new planetary packaging initiative. The packaging is intended for traders who want to make green choices for their business and join ETC.

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