By the end of 2021, the tax season will begin soon. Small business owners make appointments to work with CPAs and provide tax returns. Naturally, a good accountant will do everything possible to be punctual and minimize their customers’ tax risk and avoid being audited. They also create financial reports at the end of the year and estimate the amount of tax to be paid during the year.

However, a great mathematician can do much more than that. After all, he or she knows more than anyone else how successful a business is and how much better a business can be in many ways, increasing revenue and reducing costs, improving cash flow, controlling stocks and ensuring small business finances.

Most importantly, effective CPA helps solve business problems. It was not clear if millions of small businesses in the United States would need to comply with PPP funding opportunities during the PPP.

September 2020 launches with Biz2Credit to advise small businesses on debt forgiveness under the Payment Check program. Small business options that customers need for financial support for growth.

The portal is an effective platform for CPAs and their clients seeking government-sponsored business relief. To date, the portal has allowed over 40,000 PPP loans for a total of more than $ 1 billion in business assistance to small businesses. The supply is now extended to loan financing – a natural extension for CPA companies.

“CPA companies have played a key role in supporting small business owners during closing and recovery,” said Eric Asgerson, president and CEO of “As loyal consultants, they are being asked to do more for their clients and they need sophisticated tools to deliver these services efficiently and effectively.”

Recently, a cloud-based finance platform has added a business term loan option for CPA companies. The term loan option offers online applications, competitive financial terms, rapid change in loan decisions, and financial support from $ 25,000 to $ 1 million at fixed interest rates. The ability to take advantage of opportunities quickly can make a big difference for small and medium businesses.

“The evolution of the CPA Business Fund portal reflects this expansion role as well as the rapid movement of the profession towards business finance consulting services.

For example, Tony Kite, CPA, PFS, Eco-Tax, Inc. Owner, Brooklyn-based CPA, used the PA Business Fund portal last year to seek PPP funding and customer forgiveness. He said he now plans to use the platform to support his clients’ future business financing needs.

“No one knows my client’s business better than me and my staff,” Chat said. “We are looking at their finances every day. We know their short-term and long-term business goals. At the CPA Business Fund portal, we can strengthen our relationship as a trusted advisor by offering timely loans to meet their unique needs.

In addition to tax filing and assisting their clients with microfinance loans, CPAs also provide services such as virtual CFO services, develop financial forecasts, provide financial advice and even play a role in strategic planning.

When looking for the right CPA, small business owners should consider more than tax knowledge. A good accountant can make a big difference for a small business owner by developing reporting, planning, efficiency and long-term business growth. If your business is lagging behind in tax obligations, the CPA may often arrange a payment plan commensurate with the IRS or the State Tax Collector to update payments.

Excellent CPA-Customer Relationships CPA is a trusted consultant that can help guide a financial ship to smooth voyages and rocky waters. If you want to find someone, ask who other business owners are using, ask your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or visit the AICPA Directory. Ask for a list of services offered and the names of some of the references. Once everything is done, find out how much the company will charge and set up the required standard contact.