Dallas, November 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Gardner CapitalPrivate equity and alternative investment forum specializing in multi-family homes and renewable energy development and investment is partnering with. Kiva Through Garder Capital GCRE Upward Mobility Fund To accelerate the provision of finance to small businesses led by minorities Texas.

The partnership initially focused on supporting BIPOC small business owners in. Dallas And Houston Provide markets, and revolving funds commensurate with the loans collected at the Kiva Multi-Purpose Loans Forum – both by increasing the overall financial support and accelerating the loan rate for entrepreneurs.

First of all, we really appreciate the opportunity to start our partnership with Kiva – this is a truly long-term partnership that we look forward to and grow significantly with the extra money that comes with it. Years, ”he said Michael GardnerFounder and CEO of GCRE Upward Mobility Fund and Gardner Capital. “With Kiva, we are committed to providing additional funding each year for new loan repayment programs.”

This commitment from the GCC Up Mobility Fund is part of Gardner Capital’s commitment to provide more than $ 5 million in capital, including direct equity investments, venture and seed capital, and low interest rate funding, through various programs and partnerships to support the mobility of underprivileged or historically disadvantaged communities. Grants and other financial support.

About Kiva

Kiva was founded in 2005 and is a global nonprofit. San FranciscoRespect and support people who want to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. By lending a little $ 25 With Kiva, anyone can help the borrower start or grow a business, go to school or realize their potential. And since it is a loan, not a donation, you can use the same funds over and over again to maximize your impact. Through Kiva, each of us has the power to create opportunities and help others work toward their dreams — be it a loan to a rural farmer Kenya Or a farmer on the roof Detroit.

Visit Home for more information www.kiva.org.

About GCRE Upward Mobility Fund

Launched in 2020 GCRE Upward Mobility Fund Low interest rates on soft loans, gifts, ventures and seed capital. The fund is expected to do more than that $ 500,000 For programs that comply with the Fund’s investment goals and guidelines each year. For more information or to request financial assistance, please visit GCRE Upward Mobility – Financial Support Page.

About Gardner Capital

Gardner Capital is a multidisciplinary equity and alternative investment platform focused on affordable housing and renewable energy development, tax credit syndication, as well as real estate investments, joint ventures and capital partnerships. The organization has offices St. Louis, Dallas, Houston And Orlando. Since 1992, Gardner Capital has invested more $ 3 billion Equity in affordable housing and related investments. In recent years, Gardner Capital has expanded its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability by adding a national forum for solar development and investment. The company has also launched a number of alternative investment funds focused on renewable energy and EV adoption, upward mobility and inadequate markets. We are committed to investing in communities, supporting mobility and improving family well-being by developing, investing and increasing capital supply at affordable prices for housing, clean energy and entrepreneurs. Visit Home for more information www.gardnercapital.com.

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