From day one, President Biden focused on providing the resources and resources needed to reopen, revitalize, and rebuild American small businesses. To date, the Biden-Harris administration has provided more than $ 300 billion in relief for the highway and is fully forgiving over 6 million small business loans by the end of the year.

With the tax code preventing millions of entrepreneurs from gaining enough capital to start and expand, the main road is recovering, and many small businesses are struggling to grow and compete globally. President Biden is determined to change that.

The construction of President Biden’s Better Return Agenda will take action against unfair tax schemes that will cripple large corporations. According to the new Treasury Department’s analysis, the president’s agenda will protect 97 percent of small business owners from income tax increases, with tax cuts for more than 3.9 million entrepreneurs.

The revenue generated by creating a fair tax system for the highway will help pay for investments that will grow our economy and create jobs, including small businesses. This includes the creation of a playground with benefits paid for by the federal government – a national payment program for small businesses that are unable to provide this benefit to workers. Back A better agenda also increases access to contract opportunities and billions of dollars in financial and technical support programs for small businesses, including small producers. In short, President Biden’s plan lays the groundwork for American small businesses to win the 21stSt Century.

In particular, President Biden’s construction will have a better agenda in the future:

Rate the playing field for small business owners by amending the tax law

The current tax system gives unfair advantage to large international corporations rather than to small businesses in the United States. Small businesses 55 profitable large corporations do not have access to an army of lawyers and accountants who will not be able to pay any federal corporate taxes by 2020, and like many international corporations they cannot turn their profits into tax shelters to avoid paying US taxes. Most US international organizations account for 60 percent of their gross domestic product (GDP) in the seven low-income states, which is less than 4 percent of GDP. These corporations do not make money in these countries; They report there to collect big taxes. A.D. In 2018, about $ 150,000 will be spent on more than 20 percent of federal income and personal income by working on their own small businesses. In contrast, many US corporations pay less than 10 percent of their corporate income tax on US profits.

The facts about the current unjust tax system are confusing, but they are not surprising for the main road. Nearly three-quarters of small businesses claim that the current tax system favors large businesses and small corporations suffer when they use holes to avoid taxes. Two-thirds of small businesses support corporate tax increases.

President Biden has launched a comprehensive tax reform plan to raise the playing field, address the concerns of small business owners and raise funds to pay for new programs on the highway. The president’s plan will be as follows:

  • Increase the company’s income tax rate to 28 percent;
  • Strengthen international low tax for large international corporations;
  • Reduce incentives for foreign corporations to maintain very low corporate tax rates by adopting strong low tax rates for large corporations worldwide.
  • Establish a 15% minimum tax on the revenue of books for large, highly profitable corporations;
  • Avoid incentives for large corporations from beach profits and jobs, and
  • Strengthen performance to reduce tax evasion among large corporations.

Protecting millions of small businesses from tax increases will make the tax code more equitable. For example, President Biden’s proposal to restore corporate tax rates to the 2018 level will not affect any small businesses that offer tax as a lease (LLCs, S corporations and sole proprietors). That is almost every small business in the United States. Similarly, the president’s proposal to return the high-income tax bracket to pre-2018 levels, which would increase taxes by only 2.6 percent for the wealthiest families in the United States, will have an impact on less than 3 percent of small business owners. The department’s new analysis focused only on C, E and F (especially as mentioned, every small business falls into this category), such as S-corporations, partnerships, and Individual Income Tax Return Form 1040 schemes. The key to modernizing the U.S. tax code on President Biden’s agenda is to protect small business owners from tax increases.

Tax deduction for 3.9 million small business owners.

A better agenda for President Biden’s construction will not only protect more than 97 percent of small business owners from income tax increases, but will also provide major road tax cuts. These tax cuts provide many entrepreneurs with the financial security and peace of mind they need to start or grow their own business. In particular, the plan does the following

  • Reduce taxes for small business owners with children. The American Child Welfare Plan (ARP) has raised $ 2,000 per child for $ 3,000 for children over six years of age and $ 3,600 for children under six years of age. Back A Better Agenda will extend the CTC expansion in ARP by reducing tax cuts and child poverty by half for 393 million households and nearly 90 percent of American child families. According to a new study from the Treasury Department, more than 3 million small business owners will benefit from these historic tax cuts.
  • Reduce taxes for small business owners who buy coverage through Prior to the Affordable Care Act, small business owners and their employees were over-represented among undocumented Americans. They represent more than half of all Americans registered in the ACA market today. Earlier this year, the ARA issued tax credits for those covered by the ACA, which saves families an average of $ 50 a month. Since ARP was implemented, 34 percent of consumers have received $ 10 a month or less on Back A Better Agenda makes these major reductions sustainable. As a result, nine million people – including more than 1.2 million small business owners – will continue to save hundreds of dollars over the years, and 4 million uninsured people will receive coverage. Building health care costs for small businesses and their employees can not only reduce Better Better, but also provide the financial security and peace of mind that job seekers need to pursue their dream of starting a business. And, Build Back Better helps small businesses compete with larger corporations that can’t provide coverage for their employees.

Help small businesses hire workers and compete with large corporations through a national, federal payroll program.

While most small business owners believe it is important to establish a federal family and paid vacation program, the United States is the only country in the world that does not offer it. As a result, four out of five private sector workers – and 95 percent of the minimum wage – will not be paid. This hurts small businesses to hire and retain talented workers. Well-established large corporations have the ability to offer paid vacation programs to their employees, but small businesses with limited resources may find it difficult to do so. Back to the construction of President Biden A better agenda is to level the playing field for those small businesses. The program guarantees parental, family and personal illness / safety leave for 10 to 12 weeks, and ensures staff three days of annual leave from the first year. More importantly, according to President Biden’s proposal, wage replacements come from the federal government, which eliminates the burden on small businesses – not the employer. According to a government-level survey, 9 out of 10 employers have had a positive or negative impact on productivity, profitability, transition, and employee ethics after a paid vacation program was approved.

Increase access to contract, capital, and technical support for small companies.

The president’s plan will increase access to federal contracts and directly benefit small businesses in small financial and technical support programs. In particular, President Biden’s plan will be as follows:

  • Increase federal contract opportunities for small businesses. The president’s plan is to mobilize small contractors to meet the great challenges of our time, from renovating veterans’ medical facilities to renovating other federal buildings.
  • Initiate a historic effort to promote small business innovation and expansion in underserved communities. Back A Better Agenda Create a national network of ebooks and business development centers to help more entrepreneurs start new businesses, gain government contracts, and expand their customer base.
  • Provide tools to drive a creative economy for small businesses – especially small businesses that are not in use. President Biden is calling on Congress to invest in federal programs to enable small companies to participate in federal research and development initiatives that have the potential to do business.
  • Help small-scale manufacturing businesses raise capital. Back A Better Agenda The Small Business Development Agency will create a new subsidy program to help small, low-service producers get private capital.
  • Create a new financial institution for small producers. Congress calls on President Biden to launch a new program for joint venture with private capital.
  • Increase access to credit and investment capital. The Back Back Better Agenda will enable small businesses to drive billions of dollars in microfinance management credit (7).
  • Strengthen production supply chains and creative ecosystems. President Biden is also calling on Congress to strengthen the manufacturing extension partnership and manufacturing USA. Establish a new office to oversee industry capacity and produce essential commodities, and establish regional centers to stimulate technological advancement and create new businesses.