GAINESVILLE, Florida – Federal judges in Gainsville have defrauded 46-year-old Erimi St.ville of bank fraud, falsified financial statements by a federal financial institution, aggravated identity theft, and misrepresented the federal agency. The verdict was handed down late Friday at the conclusion of an eight-day trial, according to Jason R. Cody, U.S. District Attorney for North Florida.

“Important taxpayers’ money is being stolen and our elderly are being victims,” said Cody, a U.S. attorney. “In addition to the transfer of emergency financial assistance from small businesses that need to be retained for this defendant’s deceitful and sophisticated activities, many of our elderly citizens have been affected by illness or disease and have not been able to easily identify themselves. It was stolen and used for illegal activities. With the help of our determined law enforcement partners, we are committed to investigating and prosecuting those involved in elder abuse and cocaine-related fraud.

Evidence from the lawsuit alleges that St.ville filed more than $ 1.5 million in fraudulent applications from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Disaster Risk (EDL) loans. As part of the plan, the Centville Elder Scams found out about the fraudulent business dealings of the elderly individuals who were living in the facilities, and then he was involved in fraudulent businesses seeking forgiveness loans that he represented. Fraudulent applications to nine different federally-guaranteed credit unions, banks and SBC misrepresented the number of employees and payrolls of suspected companies, and many other inaccuracies, false tax documents, and bank account information in support of PPP and EIDL loan applications. Including.

During the COVID 19 epidemic, the PPP was designed to support businesses. Any attempt to defraud a loan program is in itself a terrible act. But St.ville’s crimes are worse because they use the identities of the elderly. Perform frauds, ”said Brian Payne, special agent for ISIS.

The CARES Act is a federal law enacted on March 29, 2020. It is designed to provide emergency financial assistance to millions of Americans affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. One source of assistance provided by CARES law is the PPP, which provides for the maintenance of small businesses and some other costs. Is to give permission. The Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantees PPP loans supported by participating financial institutions. P.P.P. It allows qualified small businesses and other organizations to get a two-year maturity and a one percent interest rate. Businesses must use PPP loan income for wages, interest rates, rent and utilities. If the companies spend the loan within the allotted time and use at least a certain percentage of the loan for salary expenses, the PPP will be liable.

“In the face of national unrest and uncertainty, this defendant has clearly defrauded programs intended to help Americans and their businesses,” said Rachel El Rojas, FBC Jacksonville Special Representative. During the epidemic, he exposed his true colors to the general contempt of his citizens – especially vulnerable elders – as a fraud. FBC will continue to allocate resources to investigate COVID-19 and fraudulent activities, and will work with our partners to hold those who use illegal means and criminal behavior to benefit others.

The St.ville Court of Appeals will be held at 2:00 pm on December 20, 2021, in the United States District Court in Guinnessville, United States District Judge Alan Winsor. St.ville faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison for making false statements to a bank and a federal insurance company, and a maximum sentence of five years for making false statements to a federal agency. In the case of aggravated identity theft, Saintvil will also face a further two-year minimum sentence of imprisonment, which should serve as a continuation of other sentences.

He said greed has no place in SBA programs, which are designed to help small businesses struggling with the epidemic. “Our office is monitoring the evidence and bringing those responsible to justice. I would like to thank the US Attorney’s Office and our law enforcement partners for their commitment and search for justice.

The conviction is the result of a joint investigation by the Internal Revenue Service – the Criminal Investigation Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Small Business Administration. Assistant United States attorneys Justin M. Ken and David Byron filed the lawsuit.

Anyone with information about a COVID-19 fraud attempt can contact the Department of Justice’s National Disaster Fraud Line at 866-720-5721 or NCF. gov / risk-fraud / ncdf-risk-complaint-form.

Since President Trump signed the EAPPA, the Department of Justice has participated in hundreds of executions that have targeted or disproportionately addressed criminal and civil cases. In particular, last March, the Department announced the largest adult fraud scandal in U.S. history, charging more than 400 defendants nationwide for elder fraud. Since the law was passed, the department has also conducted hundreds of trainings and access sessions across the country. Learn more about the Department of Justice Elder Justice and National Nursing Initiative

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