The optimistic forecast predicts that banks will close significantly in 2021 with the help of more credit and lower liquidity. This view is supported by an ongoing study by loan officers to encourage loan repayment.

The third-quarter earnings analysis of 28 regional banking projects shows that credit activity will increase in the current quarter and has promising growth prospects for 2023.

According to a study by Stephens Ink Bank Group, Conway Home Bank’s Share Inc. is a significant shareholder with a target price of 29 per share. The stock traded below $ 20 a year and traded at $ 24-26 this month.

Stephen said the stock should be a “major asset” for small and medium-sized capital bank investors. House recently announced the Texas Hapting Bankshire Inc.

Stephen’s report states: “The merger of the Happy Banks Agreement will allow access to Texas, which will support organic loan growth and (one) M&A program.”

In September, Home announced that it was expanding to Texas by purchasing Happy Bancshares for an estimated $ 919 million. The agreement It is scheduled to close in the first quarter of 2022, and company officials have expressed interest in exploring further growth in Texas purchases.

Looking ahead, Home BancShares predicts the largest organic lending growth of any Southwest region bank. The forecast shows an increase in organic lending growth by 37% next year, led by a happy credit note.

Overall, the region’s average organic growth is projected to be 8% by 2022.

By contrast, for the current quarter, Stephen has an annual growth rate of 50% for Simon – increasing the loan portfolio of recently purchased Tennessee banks – and decreasing for OZK by 3% and for homeowners by 8%. BancShares

Simmons is the leader in the region for the fourth quarter estimates. The average growth rate of the total region is 8%.

Regarding the accounting crisis, which has put a huge strain on the bank’s revenue due to deposits and interest on loans and securities, Stephen said in the third quarter “liquidity represents the highest level” and standards should begin with the current fall. Quarter. The total fluid volume is three times higher than in the fourth quarter of 2019, the report said.

A special survey of senior lending officers released by the Federal Reserve this month is easing lending requirements, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Bankers say they are making it easier for commercial real estate businesses to borrow in all sectors. Demand for multi-family property developers and non-farm borrowers is on the rise, credit officials said.

Consumer loan interest reports are mixed, but the banks are lowering the standards for two major consumer categories: credit cards and automobiles.

At the same time, lending authorities have weakened interest in most residential real estate categories.

PITCH N PIN winners

Last week, Little Rock, a company that helps drivers in the trucking industry, won the prestigious Peach Competition.

Elite Recruiting Kissa Kimble won $ 5,000 in the Peach N. Pint competition in conjunction with International Entrepreneurship Week. Eight Central Arkansas entrepreneurs were awarded a total of $ 15,000 in a competition between the Little Rock Rock Venture Center and the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Arkansas Small Business Technology Development Center.

The event featured 2021 Spark members! Team: Each entrepreneur votes two minutes to sell their business to a panel of local judges. Flash! Venture Center is a local small business pre-program. Mia Blackmon was awarded second place and $ 3,000 for Little Rock Light, and Whitney Gray of Wits and third place won $ 2,000. Other participants were awarded $ 1,000 each.

Ashley Jones, Managing Director of Venture Center Community Programs, said: “During the 10-week program, this team improved their sales and marketing strategies as well as their ability to hear, which was evident to everyone present.”

AG Marketing Expansion

Little Rock Marketing Group SI is setting up a new company, SI EQ, to lead agricultural marketing efforts in the state.

“As we continue to accelerate the growth of our company, we are proud to introduce SI EQ and launch their new website,” said Team Whitley, CEO of Group SI. “We have been innovators in ag-marketing since 2010 and we are very pleased to continue to expand our services and offerings by expanding our customers.”

The new company’s website will be a data center for customers. Consumers can access marketing newspapers and content, including current trends in the agricultural and equipment industry.

Raise for Winrock

Winrock International received a $ 500,000 grant to encourage small business development in Arkansas and six other states. Funding will encourage economic growth by helping small businesses in the South and Southeast get access to loans from the Southern Opportunity and Sustainability Fund (SOAR).

Small businesses in the seven states, including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia, are eligible for assistance if they have fewer than 50 employees and operations are affected by the epidemic. Financial support typically focuses on helping unrestricted businesses.

Financial support “improves access to special loan opportunities offered by the SOAR Fund,” said Linsley Kinkade, executive director of Winrock American Programs.

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