RACINE – Padillas help Rassine whenever possible.

As the owner of Twin Dragon Games, Dan and Christine Padila hosted a charity drive for board games for foster families, organized a fundraiser for the main project and cafe, and led Pokémon Club at the Racine Public Library.

Now, on the streets of Wisconsin, 500 customers (lovingly referred to as their “playing family”) and community members have the opportunity to donate to the couple through a loan fund set up by Kiva.

Kiva is a non-profit organization that collects small businesses and microfinance loans. It often acts as a regular loan, with the exception of relying on private lenders to tighten the loan rather than the bank. The mall, the grocery store and the sandwich shop in downtown also used Kivan in June to boost their business.

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After the borrower repays the Kiva loan, the money is returned to the lenders and lenders can choose to support, donate or keep the money for other reasons.

Beginning Tuesday, there are 17 days left to lend to Padilas Kiva. They need $ 8,000 and as of Tuesday, they are about 31% off the road.

Dan and Christine Padila own the 500 Wisconsin Avenue Twin Dragon Games. The couple will be celebrating their six years of business next March.

Diana Panuncial

The purpose of the loan

A.D. After Dan’s accident at work in 2015, it was not easy to get back on his feet. The epidemic did not improve.

According to Padilas Kiva’s page, the loan often goes to the store to improve the chairs and desks of players who stay in the store for hours, bringing in STEM-related toys to accommodate smaller camps and encourage field interest and more. Accessories and various products.

“Some of us have weak knees, bad backs, some of us are taller than others, you know, things like that,” Dan said. “And for our great customers እንዲ In order to have a good experience, you have to feel comfortable.”

The store also has a few nanobot toys – small robotic insect-like toys made by HEXBUG – to help kids (and all interested customers) understand the connection between games and science, technology, engineering and related issues.

Nanobots for sale

The padillas use a portion of the Kiva loan to further their STEM-related products to encourage curiosity and innovation.

Diana Panuncial

The paddles introduced the dolls to the store in 2019, but the epidemic prevented them from investing in additional STEM-related toys.

Along the way, they hope to connect with local schools, organizations and community efforts (or start their own) to expand their interest in STEM to children.

They had previously been in contact with the Rain Integrated School District and said, “We would love to take that opportunity to help the community further if the door is opened again.”

‘Remember Your City’

The Padillas are looking to bolster their small business – to celebrate its 6th anniversary in March – with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For example, they struggled with cash flow because of delays in shipping. Popular card games release new products every few months, rolling the business and players interested in the game’s evolution. But when a new product is delayed, their customers have nothing to buy and they have to skip the purchase or wait for it to arrive.

“We have to wait three months, OK, I understand. But after that we have to wait four, five months, and that can hurt,” Daniel said.

Playing together

Customers will play games in November at the Twin Dragon Games, 500 Wisconsin Avenue. The gaming store hosts game evenings several times a week.

Diana Panuncial

A.D. Traffic in the city center will be low by 2021, says Christine.

“By 2020, there was a huge push to buy less. “Really, really, really,” she said. Talking to other businesses, he said: “Everyone in the city is struggling.

She understands that big box stores are convenient, but she says, “Remember your downtown. We still need your help. Especially when some stores are not on the main street and are located in another building like their own.

‘We Need It’

Over the past year, Padillas have asked themselves, “Is there a reason to continue?” There were times when they asked.

Playing together

Customers will play games in November at the Twin Dragon Games, 500 Wisconsin Avenue. The gaming store hosts game evenings several times a week.

Diana Panuncial

But that question is often answered indirectly when their customers testify about their connection and memory in their store. They have seen people make friends, couples argue, and families form strong bonds through games.

“We saw that we needed it and we had to fight as hard as we could,” said Dan.

The couple encouraged the community to adapt to their favorite local businesses and to see if they were struggling. “A lot of different things are happening,” says Dan. Unfortunately (small businesses) still need help.

Visit https://bit.ly/3Hm7AOn for more information and to contribute to the Twin Dragon Games loan.

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