Jungston – Mongol County commissioners on Thursday announced another $ 2 million plan and $ 750,000 for a project in Campbell.

Board of Trustees thanked the Board of Trustees for funding the $ 3 million Forest Grass Sanitation Sewerage Park, located on the current Market Street High School near Midlottian Bolevard.

The funds came from the county’s $ 44 million federal fund to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 14-hectare park will be closed after the removal of a closed elementary school in the district. This will be the ABC Water District project in which Boardman, Austin and Canfield will be involved in rainwater projects, said Jordon City Administration Administrator Jason Lore.

The project now includes the removal of stormwater pipelines and the “daylight” of hurricane water, which means the creation of a drainage system.

It alleviates the problem of flooding for 1,400 homes, Lore said. The project will be a 10-meter-wide, one-third-mile park.

Lore called it a “one-generation” project that would be the equivalent of a nine-foot-deep football field.

“It is a great help to the community and the water district,” Lore said.

Boardman Trustee Larry Moliterno said the project is a great example of collaborating with Boardman Local Schools. So, congratulations to the commissioners for “knowing how to keep your fingers crossed for the community so that you can find the best ways to use the money.”

Commissioner David Diesler said he was pleased that such a project “could affect a large number of people.”

Another $ 1 million was allocated to Leverti on Thursday for the Economic Development Corporation on Belmont Avenue, and last year, Auri Tilis, who distributed some of the county’s CARES ACT funds, was also present. , County Administrator and Manager of the Office of Budget and Administration.

On October 7, the commissioners set up a $ 2 million bailout plan for Valley Valley Partners to help Mackong County businesses. Valley Partners was formerly known as the Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corporation. Officials say that in the past, $ 2 million in loans at low interest rates could be up to $ 100,000 in the short term.

The commissioners, for their part, said on Wednesday they would allocate 750,000 ARPs to help the city with the 12th Road Corridor project in Campbell, which will reduce the problem, improve road safety and support for small businesses, said Sarah Lawn. A reserve port authority participating in the project through the Manhog County Community Improvement Corporation.

The project will include an improved access to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, the only one of the three Campbell Catholic churches, which will remain open according to the plan for the reorganization of the Catholic Diocese.

Calling it “one of our most important places in Mangon County,” Ditzler Campbell said the project “will benefit a lot of people.”

Tilisis said the commissioners will formally approve the $ 750,000 fee at the next county commissioners’ meeting.

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