On March 22, 2021, at the White House, her husband, Javier Guzman, stood by his side.

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Isabella Casillas Guzman, the new manager of the Small Business Administration, is responsible for managing government efforts to support the more than 30 million small businesses in the United States, which began under President Joe Biden. She took over the agency, which underwent a series of experiments that allowed her to notice even the most dramatic beginnings of VV.

“We have a $ 40 billion portfolio relief to $ 1 trillion,” he told CNBC’s Small Business Book on Wednesday.

Guzman knows how to make a lot of money on behalf of the government and entrepreneurs. Under President Barack Obama, she worked for the SBA and as director of the California Small Business Administration, she oversaw billions of grants to the state’s largest economy during VV. But a $ 1 trillion relief machine is in another order, and Guzman tells CNBC that businesses still have a chance to get the full support they need to get back from VV and get through this new delta.

“They still need our support,” Guzman said. Continued recovery efforts as well as access to capital and markets are needed to continue this recovery force. ”

Despite many challenges, she is expressing optimism among small business owners, creating delta alternatives and “horizontal instability that could limit their recovery” – in line with CNBC’s release | Instant Q3 2021 Small Business Study.

That’s why SSB is focused on “continuing to spend billions of dollars on our small businesses.”

Here are some of the programs mentioned by the new SBA manager that are still available for small businesses.

Ways to get SBA financial relief

While some of Covy’s funding plans have been weakened, Guzman said the U.S. rescue plan still offers closed-door operations to support live events such as stairs, museums and theaters.

That program has been criticized for providing financial relief and anti-fraud controls for actually blocking businesses that need help, but Guzman SBS He said he was able to turn that program around. He said more than 10,000 applications had been approved and more than $ 8.5 billion had been distributed under some strong anti-fraud administration alone. So we strongly believe that we can balance both and put those funds in the hands of those intended businesses.

In addition, the VV Economic Disaster Risk Loan Program is still ongoing, with a loan program as well as an advanced assistance program for those very low-income businesses, fixed, long-term and low interest rates.

That will allow businesses to capitalize on their growth opportunities or set up businesses to recover post-DVDs, Guzman said. He added that SBA is currently trying to ensure that it is more accessible and accessible to more businesses.

Assisting the onset of epidemics

One of the surprises of the epidemic is that many Americans, who have been pushed out of the workforce or who have just started working in crisis, see it as an opportunity to start a new business.

One of Guzman SB’s key roles is in small business investment companies (SBCs), privately owned companies that invest in debt and equity investments in SBA-licensed and regulated businesses. S.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. AN provides financial support through SBICs and then invests in businesses.

SBA says working with SBICs is a place where you want to do more. “We are seeing a better agenda by the president to go back and create new SBIC programs for what we call corporate and micro,” Guzman said.

In addition, grants through the Small Business Innovation Research Program and the SBA are options that Guzman startups should be aware of. These grants are designed to connect startups working on financially viable ideas for the federal government before they are in business.

“Small Business Administration is here for both beginners, innovative technology, science-based startups, as well as small businesses from the highway to manufacturing, capital programs on capital market access, and with service providers to build your team. , ”She said.

PPP problems, debt forgiveness within 10 minutes

While the payment check program is a lifeline for many businesses that should have been closed during VV, it has also been criticized for its unequal approach to lending.

Guzman, the daughter of a small business owner and an entrepreneur herself, said that recognizing the needs of your customers is the key to business success and that SBS should think the same way.

“For SBA, we need to make sure that our customers are customer centered and serve our businesses. That means entrepreneurship with women, and colorful people starting businesses at such high rates, and we all need to serve those businesses better, connecting them to resources, ”he said.

SBA recently launched a direct amnesty door, focusing on small businesses with PPP loans of $ 150,000 or less. According to Guzman, the SBA, in collaboration with more than 1,000 lenders, could complete the debt forgiveness process within 10 minutes.

“More than 94% of loans are unforgivable loans with these small businesses, and we want to make sure we can support them, as well as our large lending network, so that we can run these PPP pardons,” he said.

Gender, race and business recovery

Guzman says startups, especially those that may need help, are run by women and minority founders.

“What we’ve found, especially during VV, is that women and people of color often face more difficult challenges and are trying to find those resources or start their own businesses or start businesses,” Guzman said. Considering the challenges of the past year and a half, we need to make sure we are finding businesses where we are and be prepared for programs that can serve them today.

He said the creation of a network of community sailors funded by the US Rescue Plan will help connect local businesses to SBA programs. He said the adoption of new technology would be a major factor in making the SBN more efficient to accommodate the massive changes from $ 40 billion to $ 1 trillion for the agency.

Manpower shortages, coffins and small business

SBA’s financial relief and capital gains have helped keep small businesses afloat, but Guzman’s many conversations with small business owners show that they are a big part of Covi’s concerns. Lack of staff is not just about competition for wages and benefits.

She informs me that there are still concerns about Kovi. And especially with the Delta variant. ”

Holib Wade, an NFIB research executive, said in a recent Kovy survey that the National Free Trade Federation is seeing a shortage of workers among member companies. Speaking on CNBC’s Small Business Tournament, he said the continued competition with large companies in the employment market and the rise of Delta alternatives will continue to push small businesses to continue selling. “We’ve seen the lost sales,” Wade said.

Through the U.S. Life Saving Plan, businesses can give their employees immunizations and rehabilitation, and in particular, give them time to get tax credits built into the federal covide assistance plan. “That is their main concern,” Guzman said. They want their main streets and malls to return to normal. That means we have to fight the epidemic. ”

CNBC | Momentive Q3 2021 In the effort to retain small business surveys and hire new employees, hiring has become a major challenge for small business owners.

Unconfirmed view of restaurant relief

Restaurants, in particular, are experiencing labor shortages and concerns regarding the delta diversity.

Guzman said the federal restaurant revitalization fund created by the US Rescue Plan provided $ 28.6 billion in funding for more than 100,000 businesses, but the demand was 2.5 times higher.

There are restaurants, food and beverage businesses that still need support, we know they were the worst and they will often reopen in communities, but they describe many of our major avenues. .

The law was launched three times on Capitol Hill in July, but legal efforts have so far failed.

Guzman said she could not comment on any action taken by Congress to further support the food industry.

NFIB Wade said new funding for restaurants is a priority for the business group, but stressed that small businesses should use what they have today. She applied for a Retirement Tax Credit that many small business owners do not know. Employees pay tax-based tax credits, up to $ 33,000 per employee. Browse is a bit technical, but for many it will be worth it. Small business owners should definitely take it. ”

Pechex general manager Marty Muchichi recently told Jim Kramer on GMC ‘Mad Money’ that he had collected more than $ 3 billion in employee tax credit, saying, “This is cash in their pockets now to help them.”

The Senate’s $ 1 trillion infrastructure package expires three months earlier than January 1, 2022.