San Diego: (Business WireBank of California and Trust (CBN), more than 80 branch offices across California, have recently concluded their first, all-employee virtual conference. The four-day conference runs from August 17 to 20, and each day is designed to inspire and motivate CB&T partners at sea. Strengthening the values ​​of the organization; And connect with clients and communities across the state. The Guba conference concludes with a “give day” – an event focusing on the voluntary and voluntary return of bank members to their communities.

“We have spent more than a year managing the effects of the epidemic and we feel it is the right time to strengthen our long-standing commitment to our people and communities,” he said. . “By leveraging our partners, we build the long-term success of our customers and the communities we serve with Bank of California and Trust. It is the result of a whole circle. ”

To Celebrate “Give Day,” CB&T has partnered with five nonprofits in key markets in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Bay Area. Charities include feeding San Diego; Orange County United Way; Greater Los Angeles Residence for Humanity; Mercy Residence California and Residence for Greater San Francisco Humanity.

More than 115 CB&T partners have contributed to physical and hand voluntary activities, including food preparation, murals, and home construction. In addition, all CB&T locations participated in gift collections. Event highlights included:

  • In support of San Diego food, CB&T partners helped distribute, pack and prepare fresh and nutritious food for people facing hunger. More than, 8,800 pounds of food organized and packaged to help the San Diego.

  • CB&T Partners joins Orange County United Wayne in a community wall painting project at Dell Obispo Primary, Title 1 School. Their efforts included hand-painted quotes and images on the school’s soccer fields.

  • CB&T partners in partnership with Habitat for Greater Los Angeles to provide housing to the community through a hands-on project to help build homes in the region. The collaborators also volunteered at the Three Habitat Restaurant in Los Angeles.

  • CB&T Mercy has set up meeting pools at more than 80 branches across the state from August 2 to 20 to benefit Mercy House California. With the initial goal of collecting 500 backpacks, CB&T doubled its goal by distributing more than 1,100 backpacks to students entering the classroom.

  • CB&T partners will soon be partnering with the Great San Francisco Habitat for Humanity Volunteering.

“We are deeply rooted in the communities in which we live and work,” Elingson added. All indications are made by CB&T on this full day of return, including community, communication and stewardship. It was a very special way of concluding our congregation.

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