Arvest Bank’s transition to Baker Hill NextGen® will increase productivity, improve lending process, and support better risk management.

Carmel, Indie., September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Baker Hill, A leading financial technology provider in lending, risk management and analytics solutions, today announced a renewed partnership with Arvest Bank. The Bank has developed an integrated solution for Baker Hill NextGen®, which facilitates lending and portfolio risk management.

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Arvest Bank Chartered in Fayetteville, Ark., With branches Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, And Missouri. Updating from Baker Hill Heritage Products to Baker Hill NextGen® Arvest Bank It has the ability to efficiently develop and bring developmental skills into the lending process while gaining access to all functions in a single platform. Harvest plans to take advantage of this opportunity to focus on small business loans, as well as portfolio monitoring.

»Arvest Bank We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Baker Hill. ” Leslie Johnson Of Arvest Bank. “We are impressed with the breadth of the Baker Hill NextGen® platform and look forward to improving our processes to fit the solution capabilities.”

Arvest Bank The decision to move to Baker Hill NextGen® is based on the desire to serve customers more efficiently while monitoring the industry’s best resources for portfolio monitoring. Baker Hill’s expert guidance and training on the system, as well as its ability to provide a comprehensive consulting team to improve Arvest’s decision to lend and leverage portfolio systems, made Baker Hill a top choice.

We are very happy to expand our relationship with Arvest Bank“he said John M. Dignan, President and CEO of Baker Hill. Bringing our best-in-class solutions to customers who have trusted us for years is always satisfying, and we look forward to Arvest’s transition to Baker Hill NextGen®.

With more than 35 years of industry knowledge, Baker Hill is providing unparalleled consulting support to new and existing customers who are experiencing an increase in demand for smart loans and risk management solutions.

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About Baker Hill

Baker Hill is a professional solution for lending, portfolio risk and relationship management and financial institution analysis. America. The company provides a unified platform with modern solutions to streamline business, small business and consumer credit lending and portfolio risk management. The Baker Hill NextGen® platform also provides advanced analytics and marketing solutions that support healthy business decisions to reduce risk, grow and increase profitability.

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Arvest Bank It operates more than 230 bank branches Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri And Kansas It has a team of 14 local banks, each with its own board and management team. These banks serve customers in more than 130 communities, with extended weekday bank hours in many places. Arvest offers a wide range of banking services, including loans, deposits, treasury management, credit cards, mortgage lending and mortgage services. ARVES Go is one of the few banks in the country that offers Jedi Power-certified mobile app with the best mobile banking experience. Arvest is an equal lender and member of the FDIC.

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Arvest Property Management provides asset management, trust services and insurance products. Investments and Insurance Products – Not Deposit, Certified by Bank or Partners, Not Certified by FDIC, Not Certified by any Federal Government Agency; It can go down In value. Trusted Services at Arvest Bank.



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