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Andrew McDowell, a cafe owner in Los Angeles, says the Gov Gavin News is a waste of time and money.

He is not a big fan of News. News is preparing for next year’s election, so why waste your time and money now?

McDowell says $ 276 million should be used to help small businesses struggling with the September 14 election. If we were California doing business as a business, we would not be wasting such money on things that do not really affect the bottom line.

Although his business suffered during the COVID-19 closure, McDowell also slightly reduced NewSo to deal with an unprecedented crisis.

We did not bring a ruler to pass the plague, but to carry out our daily activities. Then they go into this oven and we say, ‘Hey, you really didn’t do a good job,’ “McDowell said.

I really think it should be our attitude towards the performance of our ruler, what did he try, what did he learn? Is it improving? And don’t get people 100% wrong – even stupid notification errors.

Remember supporters and Republicans who want to be the next governor are not forgiving.

Some have criticized the neonatal safety measures as too restrictive and destructive for small businesses. Others are hypocritical, citing the famous French laundry diner who attended the national home ban and repeated the false claims that the wine he founded was open.

For some business owners, the onset of the epidemic has added to the long-term frustration of living in California, prompting them to vote for Newsom. The main advocacy group for small businesses, however, was divided on the issue.

Newssom, for its part, has taken some steps to help small business owners, including tax breaks for business owners who receive federal aid loans. Using the huge regional budget gains and federal aid, he pushed the regime’s biggest economic stimulus. $ 2 billion in aid For 180,939 small businesses and nonprofits, according to the California Small Business Law Office. By the end of July, three more rounds of funding were announced, bringing the total to $ 4 billion.

While the state is offering free masks and hand sanitizers, it is trying to help small businesses sell online.

But not all of them received help – or not enough to keep them in business. By September 2020, about 40,000 small businesses were closed, according to Yale, according to the New York Times of California.

Impact in Los Angeles County In particular, businesses in Los Angeles County, especially in state and county-to-home orders, were out of order and had little savings — small businesses were the norm. According to the 2019 census, 88% of businesses had fewer than 20 employees – such as restaurants, bars and salons.

His dismissal was prompted by his support for the law, which forced supporters, shutters, and newcomers to pay benefits to gigs workers.

Republican candidates are appealing to small business owners based primarily on the regime’s approach to managing coronavirus, but also by offering some of their own ideas.

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said he would lift trade-related restrictions on Kovi and provide a small restaurant grant.

Larry, a radio host and former small business owner, emphasized the impact of crime on small businesses and made it clear that he was opposed to low wages.

John Cox, a former small business owner, has promised tax cuts to make California more commercially viable, while Kevin Killie, a member of the Rocklin Convention, said he would use the executive force to reverse the strict rules on gigs. Kelly and Kylie Jenner oppose state law that allows workers to prosecute labor violations and receive civil penalties.

Meanwhile, Democrat David Kevin Paffrat, a real estate agent and YouTube show host, has an adapted license for businesses.

In particular, the policy areas held by Elder and Kili appeal to some small business owners. Because they violated Commonwealth Health Orders, the Berbank Restaurant included the city’s barbeque barracks – a charge he denies.

Lepegian In 2004, he bought the long-running barbecue tool Tinhor Fletcher, but at least it will not reopen in the city. His closure prompted the release of Newsom.

I don’t say the same thing over and over again to everyone I meet, and that doesn’t mean it’s about public safety. ” It’s 100% about power and control, that’s what’s happening.

Briana Knight, a 31-year-old resident of Freno, was one of the lucky ones with customers across the country. During the epidemic, her overall skin care business went well.

State aid has helped, but she has also been “over-planning” – at some point, six months ahead. Prior to the outbreak, Knight launched a clinical skin care line, which allowed COVID-19 to be packaged for customers at home.

She says she has not yet decided how to choose from the note. She said she needed to do more research on the candidates and see how the next pandemic unfolds.

“I think we really need new leadership, but I don’t know if it’s time now,” she said. And what I’m saying is that California is in the COVID stage now and we can see in advance that it could be closed again. So now the transition to leadership – sometimes worse.

Knight said she wanted new leadership because of the way the epidemic was being handled, including the closure of businesses that regional leaders considered unimportant.

“I do skin care, so acne, even when there is an epidemic, those clients still have a problem,” he said. I think what they thought was not so important – it was important to many people, and we were not recognized.

Knight Back and Back on Closes: California began tracking back a few weeks after the grand reopening of June 15 — it didn’t help.

“There must be some consistency in business,” he said. Change is inevitable, but when it comes to things like this, I feel like it’s not done in a way that can be accommodated.

McDowell, owner of La Cafe, added that federal aid was a big help last year, but this year there is less aid. That means small business owners like him are still struggling.

“Everyone feels like everything is back to normal,” he said. And that was never the case.

Cecilia Vazquez, 54, had to close her jewelry store in the San Diego County University Heights area for four months. But like McDowell, she never puts her blame on Newcomer.

“I don’t think anyone is ready,” said Vazquez, who was recently visited by Jenner. Nobody really knows what to do. ” We were all trying to do our best.

Thousands of small businesses across California are still struggling to survive the fourth outbreak. Even when it reopens, some restaurants and other service providers have trouble hiring staff – or have to pay more and provide benefits.

Then there are businesses that have to deal with wildfires and droughts.

According to San Francisco-based software company Wimplem, the deadly 2018 camp fire closed 13% of nearby businesses, while in 2019, 6.6% of businesses in Sonoma County were closed after a Kindad fire.

A.D. In 2020, California suffered the deadliest wildfire in history, burning 4.2 million acres[4.2 million ha]. So far, 2021 has not been much better. The ongoing wildfire is the second largest in the state’s history, with more than 600,000 hectares of black in the districts of Butei, Plumas, Lassen and Tehama.

Meanwhile, California has been in the worst drought since 2015. Last week, Nixon stepped up state water conservation across the country.

John Kabatek, director of the California Free Trade Association, said the comments differed among members, but that many were too busy dealing with serious concerns. Among them – finding qualified workers, meeting wages, and preparing for a “big increase” in unemployment insurance.

In an interview Wednesday, Kabatek said: “In difficult times – at any time – one of the things we have to do for small business owners is to predict and be sure.” Of course, epidemics, wildfires, droughts — all of these, both natural and man-made — are creating fear and mistrust among your average small employer. We choose to focus our time and resources on helping these mothers. -And he goes through these difficult times.

James Long, who owns a security services company in McLeanville, Hambolt County, said he did not think any governor – Democrat or Republican – would have been able to successfully navigate the many crises that have hit the state.

So he is willing to give Newson the benefit of the doubt.

Long said: “He will be the only ruler, and then this plague will come. Then he let go of hell. ”Long. “Then we have all these problems, we have wildfires. Let’s not throw it at the person.