Female entrepreneurs

We are in the 21st century and women of this age are not behind men in every aspect. Many women are entering the business world to get bigger and better. To further increase the number Female entrepreneurs There are various programs that offer business loans at attractive interest rates. We are in the 21st century and women of this century are not behind men in every aspect. Many women are entering the business world to get bigger and better

Shire Shakti Business Loan at SBI

  • Repay the loan in the form of a loan or work capital b Street Shakti package. The amount of the loan offered will be on the borrower’s profile

  • Most loans are provided to women entrepreneurs who own at least 50% of the SBI branches in a company or business.

  • You do not need a guarantee until the loan to use this loan 10 Lakh. However, any collateral for any of the above loans is mandatory 1 crore Or based on the borrower’s profile.

  • interest rate: 11.20% in the future

Bartia Mahila Banking business loans;

  • You can even apply for a business loan 20 crores Under this plan. The loan is for property.

  • This loan is for women entrepreneurs who want to start new jobs in the retail and manufacturing sectors.

  • There is no guarantee until the loan 1 kroner.

Anaspuna Plan at Minsor State Bank –

  • It refers to women entrepreneurs who want to start a catering business or class. Under this plan you can use up to a loan 50,000 rubles This is paid monthly for 36 months. The interest rate depends on the market.

  • EMI should not be paid for the first month. This loan can be used to purchase kitchen utensils, appliances, gas connections, raw materials, water filters, etc.

  • For this loan, you must pledge your business assets as collateral with a private guarantor.

  • Age limit: 18 to 60 Years

Sind Mahila Shakti Program at Syndicate Bank

  • Under the plan, the Bank provides financial support to women entrepreneurs in small, professional or retail businesses.

  • To start a new business, the bank offers up to one loan amount 5 crores Interest rates for female entrepreneurs.

  • The program is available as a cash credit or up to 10 years loan program to meet the operating capital requirements of new and existing business units.

Central Bank of India St. Kaliani Plan –

  • The loan is provided by the Central Bank of India to support women. Women involved in the village and cottage industries, such as micro, small and medium enterprises, women entrepreneurs, agriculture and cooperatives, retail and government-sponsored programs.

  • No warranty required, no warranty or process fees.

  • The maximum business loan that can be made under this plan is 100 Lakhs.

Dina Shakti Program at Dena Bank –

  • This is a plan to finance female entrepreneurs provided by Dena Bank. Under the plan, women will be eagerly awaiting loan opportunities to start their careers in microfinance, manufacturing, agriculture, retail and more.

  • At most 20 million rubles Loans can be obtained under this plan.

  • It is a combination of loan terms and working capital.

  • Female entrepreneurs are qualified 25% Discounts on loans.

Mahila Udmam Nidi Program at Pun Najab National Bank

  • This method is designed to support female entrepreneurs in small industries. At most 10 Lakh Under this plan, loans can be obtained.

  • A business loan under this plan can be repaid over a period of time 10 years.

Mudra Yojana for women

The initiative was launched by the Government of India for small beauty salons, sewing classes, educational centers, etc., as well as for a group of women who want to start a joint venture, such as a small group of women who want to start new enterprises and businesses. No guarantee is required for this plan either.